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Guns don't kill people.

Idiots kill people.

Idiots with guns are just so much more efficient at it.


At least until they realize that a technical / industrial society is littered with thousands of 'found weapons' far more dangerous than a person with a gun.

Anyone with a degree in the physical or biological science, or engineering, or with experience in any one of many trades has way more dangerous weapons than a gun.

I recall a depressed pilot, recently, who only needed the security lock on the flight deckd door, and normal autopilot functions.

The second World Trade Center attack used planning and boxcutters they sell in every dollar store.

The Nice attack used a normal truck.

If someone could engineer a persistent mass electrical failure, casualties could be in the millions. It would have to be long lasting, though, to get the higher numbers.

There are clearly other options, many of which I am not qualified to discover - but there are millions of people out there with different skill sets, all of whom will have access to different options.

Bottom line - be glad they are distracting themselves with guns. The few who don't hurt a *lot* more.

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