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Re: A gun is involved in every single mass shooting.

The majority of fatal shootings is done by legally registered / acquired weapons. It's a fallacy to think that if it were much more difficult to acquire weapons legally that Mr. white-collar-worker would turn to the criminal underworld to acquire a gun.


And alcohol is sold legally. Clearly if it were banned, people would not be able to get alcohol, and organized crime would not make it available to almost everyone. Clearly.

Somewhere there is a sarcasm/irony/read your history icon, I'm sure.

Anyone who thinks that how things are obtained when they are legal is the only way to get them hasn't really been thinking about this.

This is the classic fallacy of legalistic political logic - "we can pass a law and it will do exactly what we want with no side effects or response by anyone or anything other than rote comliance to our whims."

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