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new provisioned apps are a pain to maintain. we uninstall just about all of them via a powershell script (uninstall per user AND the provisioned store too so new profiles wont get them).

calc is a copy of windows 7 calc, notepad++,, chrome. start menu is an xml copied locally then gpo'd (containing good old fashioned .lnk files). windows doesn't manage printers, there is an old school .lnk to explorer.exe shell for the old printer management. etc etc.

w10 boots quick and with roaming profiles logs in in about 35 seconds on old 1st gen i3s (redirected desktop, documents and appdata).

store is installed but locked off via applocker (we have minecraft installed as a user app on some machines and toshiba print management software as an app on others )

all works well on 1803. Boy was it a fuck about from 1604 to get to this point.

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