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Developer goes rogue, shoots four colleagues at ERP code maker


An American also seems involved.

Many countries have many guns. It’s a US anomaly with regards to human behavior that is causing the shootings. If you haven’t ever been to America, the US is somewhat of a cesspool or hate and almost British like superiority trips. It’s a non-stop environment of toxicity. Their news networks run almost non-stop hate trips to hopefully scrape by with enough ratings and viewers.

I left America 20 years ago and each time I go back, I’m absolutely shocked at how everyone is superior to everyone else. I just met an American yesterday who in less than two minutes told me why his daughter was superior to her peers.

It’s also amazing how incredible the toxicity of hate is. It’s a non-stop degradation of humanity. Every news paper, news channel, social media network, etc... is absolutely non-stop negativity.

It’s not about the guns... I think the guns are just an excuse now. I think it’s about everyone from the president downward selling superiority, hate and distrust. I’m pretty sure if you took the guns away, it would be bombs.

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