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Don't how many plug-ins you load, but my Notepad++ start is instantaneous.

I've never used Notepad++, but I had to wonder what the deal was with everyone saying it takes too long to load. When I used to use Windows, I used Metapad in place of Notepad for years, and it has all kinds of features that were lacking in Notepad, like the CR/CR+LF ability. At 190KB, most of which is the embedded icon, the program (a standalone .exe) loads instantly. How much larger can Notepad++ possibly be?

I remember encountering the same kind of thing when I revisited KDE Plasma recently. Since Mint has dropped their KDE version, I tried Kubuntu, then converted that to KDE Neon (rebased 18.04) by swapping in the repo and updating.

Kubuntu comes with Kate as the default text editor, while KDE Neon uses Kwrite. Both are official products of KDE. Why two text editors? I looked it up, and apparently, Kate is so feature-heavy that it supposedly starts too slow, so Kwrite is offered as a pared-down version that starts much quicker.

On my systems, I can get out "one" of "one, one thousand" before Kate is ready to use. I never saw much point in switching to Kwrite to reduce that fraction of a second even further. YMMV if you're not using a SSD, but if the time it takes for a text editor (even a really heavy one) to start bothers you, you really should be.

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