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If that is the case then why hasn't the ACLU gone after insurance companies for offering cheaper car insurance to women than men, or younger drivers than older ones? Just because they charge you based on your level of risk doesn't mean it isn't discrimination.....

Well, you see, there is this thing called the law.

Various laws are passed for various things. Some laws are passed that apply to specific industries, events, things, and so on. Sometimes there are laws that make it illegal for one person to do something - speed - but other people in other circumstances are allowed to do that - emergency services.

There are laws specific to the insurance industry that allow them to do that. The laws explicitly allow them to do that,

If the ACLU tried to sue insurance companies based on that, they'd be laughed out of court, since the law specifically allows them to do that.

However, there are laws specific to employment that prevent that same sort of discrimination. And it is this that the ACLU are bringing to court - employment discrimination.

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