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You're alone in a room with the Windows 10 out-of-the-box apps. What do you do?

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Re: If you found yourself in charge of the in-box Windows 10 apps, what would you do with them?

well, aside from simply ABANDONING every "new, shiny" concept that came with either 'Ape' or Win-10-nic, here's what I'd do:

a) go back to the simplest method of doing everything;

b) make sure that all window decorations are 'owner draw' and FORCE them to look like 7 or XP;

c) make sure all control windows draw themselves like XP or 7;

d) make sure it uses a TRADITIONAL MENU [no ribbon, no fat-finger-burger]

e) make sure it reminds people of how good Windows *USED* to be at one time, before the arrogant millenial "2D FLATSO" "UWP" "we will SOCK IT TO YOU with ADS" crowd got ahold of it

What sold windows 3.0 in the early 90's: It looked nicer than the 2D FLAT stuff that preceded it, had useful applications _LIKE_ notepad and calc, had some built-in games like solitaire [which probably sold MORE copies of windows than ANY other single application], didn't take forever to load or install (on a 386 SX processor with 4M or RAM!!!) and...


Now, let's compare Win XP or 7 to Win-10-nic and see if ANY of that is actually TRUE...

SO, ultimately, I'd leverage these applications to *DEMONSTRATE* beyond a shadow of a doubt, so that even the most casual observer could see it, that WIndows 'Ape' and Win-10-nic are ABSOLUTELY GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION, and people can *EASILY* *REBEL* against the ribbon, 2D FLATSO, fat-finger-burger UI by RETURNING to these simple yet elegantly useful applications (like notepad) with only the most MINOR of updates (to handle things like lines ending in LF or CR, or optionally being a fully functional scientific calculator with a choice between RPN and algebraic), and NOT looking like it was designed by the ANIMATORS OF 'SOUTH PARK' [which is DELIBERATELY done poorly, and lampshaded in the starting sequence].

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