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I will explain again ......

Joe W,

A referendum is non-binding usually BUT Cameron stated the result would be binding and that is the problem that the remainers cannot fix or apparently accept as reality.

If Cameron had not been so arrogant and kept his mouth shut he could have wriggled out of applying the result. [It would have caused some moaning from the leave voters but Brits do not riot in the streets over such things.]

The tories are at fault BUT blaming the 'vote leave' voters satisfies the remainers more.

[They also ignore the young voters who could have changed the result but could not be bothered to vote ...... then complained about the result when it was explained to them.]


Tories then non-voting 'young voters' are to blame but cannot do this so blame 'leave voters' !!!

You can downvote now ....... but you cannot change the truth .... or the vote :) ;)

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