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Among other usage variations (via the OED): a 1790 Adam Smith W.N. v. i. iii. i. (Bohn) II. 253 When those companies‥are obliged to admit any person, properly qualified,‥they are called regulated companies.

I have found, in life, that when people consider dangers and murderous societies, they usually turn to the safest target. Thus my German friends did, during the Cold War, constantly marched against and assailed the US: They were simply afraid of the Soviet East, knowing the soviets, one or two-hundred miles away, were hopelessly ruthless, unbelievers in the view that everyone deserves to feel safe, at liberty.

We had our civil war. Gruesome as it was, it didn't hold a candle to WWII in Europe, or the intentional murders by the Soviets of their own citizens, or the stunning numbers killed during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. The world, everyone from Olaf Palme to the French Youth rebellion, were railing at us in 1971 because -Vietnam. Meanwhile, five hundred miles to the north, Mao was ordering murderous measures that had even less rationality, and killed many millions more. People are content with tunnel vision.

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