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The worst mass murder of the 20th century used arson as the weapon. It is still a popular way to exact a murderous toll, whether perceived as revenge, simple hate, or even, occasionally, a simple obsession with fire. Knives have been used for millenia to commit mass murder, up to recent years. Intentional infliction of carbon monoxide poisoning still occurs.

Mass murder, four or more victims including, often enough, the perp, is a TV News obsession, The deaths caused one or two at a time, especially in the toughest neighborhood of urban America, are vastly more numerous each year. They primarily involve minorities killing minorities. Sad. But there's usually no absorbing "film at 11," no crowd of politicians and hysterical grieving family and friends.

I personally would not prefer it if all these senseless killings were committed with swords, daggers, or flammable substances. The ugliness of violence is about weak dysfunctional families, and the vast armies-of-one sunk into loneliness and substance abuse. The schools should educate every young person, as they pass through the system, about these ills, and the possibility of pulling the disturbed, addicted, or hopeless and angry, back into community. It really isn't about guns, anymore than medieval England's murder rate was about swords.

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