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I hardly ever use Windows now, but this is somehow appropriate >>===>

"showed code in light text against a dark background - specifically green or amber out of black"

Screens: *Back in the day*, we never even dreamt of using a screen. When I started, proper data input/coding used optical recognition cards (punched cards were expensive) - These looked like punched cards but you filled boxes in with a soft pencil. I spent a lot of time rubbing stuff out after the nice data input clerks said things like "It didn't run, there is a divide-by-zero error". Then, if the clerks liked you, they would convert the optical cards into punched cards; apparently they were "more reliable". If the punched card programs were run regularly they would transfer them to punched tape. Eventually, when I was senior enough, I was allowed to use a shared teletype on this new fangled Internet (ARPANET) thing.

This is why a lot of us went out and bought stuff like Apple ][s and Commodore PETs for work. Eventually, when I had my own budget, I could use amber/green screens or even real Tektronix and VT terminals: Some of which could even do *colour* text and graphics.

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