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The bottom line

The bottom line is that banning guns would not do anything to eliminate the injury or killing of innocent people because guns are readily available via illicit means. Criminals, gang members and devious people don't care what the laws are, they do as they please. For those who believe other wise, please explain what law is going to stop anyone from killing innocent people enmass?

This mornings news reports a worker stabbing three newborns and several adults. What law would prevent this? There are routine reports of people driving their car into crowds and killing and injuring many. What law would prevent this? It's extremely naïve to believe that you can outlaw evil. The reality is that you can't legislate evil out of society because only law abiding citizens follow laws. Until people deal with the root cause which is bad people nothing positive will happen. More unenforceable laws are ineffective feel good actions that do not serve the populace.

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