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"The firearms are not the problem, it is the culture."

This 'either-or' is a fallacy. It's BOTH, plus a few other things as well. Many countries have:

- a lot of firearms about

- mental health issues and poor mental health structures

- problems with over-prescription of drugs

- overworked and overstressed workers

- large sections of the population in poverty

- terrible social safety nets

- tons of preservatives in diet

- a history of racial / ethnic violence

- a history / culture of glorifying violence


The US is the only country, though, that not only has all of the above problems, but in many cases is the clear leader, sometimes by an order of magnitude. Claiming that there are other issues leading to mass shootings is all well and good, but why refuse to improve in one area simply because there are other areas for improvement?

Or, even worse, why claim that improvements shouldn't be made in one area because the reasons are in other areas *and then refuse to make improvements in the other areas as well*??

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