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Glassdoor: "a very toxic place to work."

According Glassdoor website:

"CEO has history of verbally abusing employees including personal attacks and swear words. Also stokes his ego by belittling employees in front of customers. Also attacks customers behind their backs, attacking their intelligence, physical appearance or their company in general.

Unethical behaviours any time money is involved: bill customers when they shouldn't, screw employees out of quarterly bonuses, and beating up vendors and underpaying them. People are treated like cogs in a machine for making money, not valued resources. Key resources are burning out and upper leadership doesn't care. Mantra is still "work harder, work more". Work- life balance is terrible.

Company lacks a shared vision, which results in divisions constantly battling with each other. Upper leadership believes this competition between teams is healthy, so unlikely to change.

Very little opportunity for advancement. Complete lack of training for new hires. Pay is not competitive. Benefits get worse every year and cost the employee more.

Overall, a very toxic place to work."

Lacking HRM and unrestricted gun ownership, a lethal environment if you ask me...

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