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" the idea that you and a dozen of your friends are going to overpower the US military with a few handguns is just so fucking laughable that anyone who thinks that frankly needs a psychiatric assessement."

Do the math.

The US military probably has at most 200,000 combat troops, and occupying territory, particularly urban territory is a resource and tactical nightmare for any military, particularly when the opponents can blend with the civilian population.

Let's see... Americans trying to hide among Americans, in their own home cities... I wonder if they could manage that?

On the other hand you have on the order of 140,000,000 armed civilians, with enough guns to arm just about *everyone*.

There is a reason that competent security analysis has concluded that the US is probably the single country in the world most protected against a successful coup attempt... because of an armed, politically aware civilian population.

Even if you could subborn the entire US military, it wouldn't be enough, and you'd never get the majority of them anyway - most coups depend on a critical 5 to 10 percent of the military in the right locations, and temporary neutrilization of the rest. For example, the military coup in Portugaul used the small part of the army still in the country, and the help of the air force transport squadrons who refused to fly the bulk of the army back from Africa, rendering it irrelevant.

*My* psychiatric state is just fine, and my historical and analytical skills are even better.

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