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A tale as old as time

Way back when government departments were first setting up internet applications, there was a Major Government Department that had a system that registered agents who dealt with stuff for citizens. When the agent registered, a record should have been created in a table on database in a pre-existing system, but that step was missed out from the original spec. This was only found out after it went live as the testers just did the fix as they tested to tick their boxes - it wasn't in the spec so it wan't on the list of things to test. By this point it was now a specification change and the private sector supplier had moved from the Development Charge Sheet to the Extra-Special Contract Change Charge Sheet which meant that the 6 line code change cost an eye-watering amount. So, your correspondent wrote a routine to extract the new data from one system, dump it to a CSV on a floppy disk which was then walked down to the server and hand-cranked into the live database. All the while, there was a major advertising campaign telling the world how whizzy the new system was, without a single mention that as well as the Internet it ran on Sneakernet too.

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