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"Ooff, that hurt. Citation please."

IIRC it came out in one of the StackOverflow surveys. I think in the past years many developers have been brainwashed into hating Pascal (which was instead quite popular 30 years ago), and anyway having to work in Delphi I think is seen as a career dead end today, as all the hype is on far more fashionable languages and technologies.

The fact it was seen as a Windows-only proprietary tool (although it now attempts to be a cross-platform one, but still the IDE is Windows only) didn't make it popular with the *nix crowd. Many mistakes by the companies owning it didn't help either, and the switch to web UIs diminished greatly the need of Windows desktop applications - which is what Delphi does best.

The XE versions of Delphi are the latest official versions of Delphi. It briefly used FreePascal compiler to target OSX years ago, but now it does no longer, it uses LLVM derived compilers on non Windows platforms.

Lazarus is a separate open source project, an IDE and library built with and using FreePascal, inspired by Delphi 7.

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