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Guns are definitely a convenient purpose made killing device, there can be no argument it does augment murder far more than any item which that can kill but has a primary function other than harming humans.

However, guns in the US is a stable door wide open with rusty seized hinges and covered in spider webs.

Legislating against gun ownership in a place that is saturated with guns of all kinds would be almost as futile as a brexit deal proposal.

What is needed is a culture change, not directly to do with gun ownership, but to do with the approach to life which leads to there being so many occurrences of folk who end up feeling the need to do as much harm as they can. It is something hard to describe but I felt when I was there and the reason that after 3 years I chose not to stay there despite all the wonderful people and obvious benefits of the place. In those three years, I never heard a single gunshot when I was not in the vicinity of a shooting range.

There was another incident yesterday too, Maryland claimed four more lives.

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