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"Yes, women are the overwhelming majority of sexual harassment complainants because of a small but significant minority of men behave like pigs."

And they NEVER lie about it, right?

It seems there's a certain allegation running around Washington D.C. at the moment, where a certain accusing female is being invited to testify under oath, and lots of backpedaling going on.

The truth is, such allegations can be used as a form of leverage [particularly if false], to either get rid of someone you don't like, or to maneuver up the career ladder. These risks are REAL, and I think the truth of the matter is that the ABUSE of such allegations does more disservice to actual VICTIMS than anything else. It motivates people to NOT hire them, because of the expensive risks involved.

There's almost an implied "You don't DARE *FIRE* a woman" policy demanded of you, if you're a male, and in a management position. Fire a woman without miles of documentation to cover your ass, and it's EXPENSIVE lawsuits where settling is the only option. Whereas, to fire a man, all you need is an 'allegation', right?

And when back-stabbing is done by a woman, and you complain about it, or try to correct it, you're "just being mean" "to the girl". It's a hypocrisy held by both men AND women, though I think women managers are less likely to tolerate it (the 'tears of sympathy' shed over stupid things while being caught back-stabbing or undermining others, that is).

How can you run a company in THIS kind of environment? You can't. Therefore, managers may be quietly 'hesitant' to hire women, not because they don't do the job as well, but because they MIGHT SUE YOU INTO BANKRUPTCY! You have to be EXTRA careful. And this "me too" nonsense is JUST FUEL FOR THE FIRE. Were it not the case, I doubt any kind of 'silent discrimination' would be happening. But I bet you'll find it, and it will be VERY hard to prove.

Of course, in cases where the allegations are REAL, let the perpetrator have both barrels. In this day and age, it is no surprise that it makes HEADLINES when it DOES happen. [and that's not very often, now is it?]

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