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"Discrimination is foundational to being Canadian, it is a requirement.

When it comes to the ACLU we should remember that the ACLU actively encourages discrimination when it comes to hiring, school placement, and all aspects of society to promote "diversity". The only problem they have with discrimination is when it occurs without benefit to those they feel are worthy."

here's the problem with your argument - non-discrimination in any direction should give an ideal outcome if starting from a level playing field. But the playing field is already tilted towards a certain group of people based on history. For the US and Canada, that's mostly the white males whose ancestors' patriarchical society killed most of the original inhabitants of the land and enslaved a whole bunch of other people from somewhere else to work that land. After a few hundred years of that going on, they say OK, no more discrimination, lets keep the playing field level. Except that the playing field is FAR from level, and screams of protest erupt if any attempts are made to actually really level it.

For what it's worth, I don't agree with Affirmative Action as a group strategy or with the idea that straight white males shouldn't have say in any social issue, a is advocated by the ultra-left. Each individual should be treated primarily on their merits as an individual, not based on their group identity. But for that to happen they have to be SEEN as an individual. That's why I'm in favour of schemes such as the Rooney rule where there is no obligation to hire minorities, but there's an obligation to consider them.

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