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I think it depends on the job. As far as Uber goes, I believe they choose younger males because at any given point in time in history, they seem to be the least intelligent, or at be least the less focused (making them manipulatable). Ultimately, Uber might be guilty of more discriminations than are let on here. Uber... Guilty.

As far as the bigger picture alluded here, I'm not sure where in nature or even human science where multiple physically different things are supposed to be equal in all aspects. Apparently in today's supposedly evolved society, a duck equals a car which equals a book, or 1 === 2 === X evaluates to true. But, I admit my bias. For example the "LGBT" movement to me was just the "LGB" (sorry, the "T" I simply can't recognize based on the fundamentals of science).

Whatever, bring on the end. Uber is guilty, again.

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