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Does it really make any difference whatsoever?

If the hiring company wants to be any number of *ists then they will. Policing the advertising of roles makes no difference whatsoever.

For example Nasty Co ltd only wants to employ a 20 year old, white, heterosexual male but they know they will get in trouble for saying so.

Generic non discriminatory advert is posted.

When it comes to CV sorting any female or foreign sounding names get binned (who's gonna know?).

At the interview stage anyone who does not match their bigoted criteria are also then told to sod off (in a nice, PC, gender neutral way).

Guess what? End result is that the 20 year old white heterosexual male gets the job!

The only thing that's changed is the company has not publicly show their bigoted ways and cannot be avoided by the consumer based on this.

The current PC brigade and offended generation are making a misguided attempt at eliminating prejudice and only force such nastiness to below the surface where nobody else can make judgement and choose not/to deal with Nasty Co Ltd as they do/don't agree with their moral ideals. Not only that but Mr 20 year old, white, heterosexual male actually likes working with a diverse set of colleagues but doesn't know that the company he is interviewing for only employs his specific "type" of person so gets to be super disappointed when he turns up to an office full of his clones.

SJW's, PC Brigade and the butt-hurt generation are making things worse, for everyone, lets ban them!

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