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Equality is primarily about opportunity.

Yes... But I'm going to follow attentively the case, because I think it's a bit tricky.

The law probably says that you cannot discriminate by gender at hiring, but I'm not sure this extends to how to spend ad dollars.

It's a fact that for multiple reasons, from social pressure to harassment, there are far fewer women looking for IT jobs than men. It doesn't need to be so, and it may well change in the future, but at this moment, it is so. Which means that advertising to women has a smaller ROI (and marketing is all about optimizing the ROI).

To make a comparison, it's probably illegal to discriminate by origin when hiring. That doesn't mean that when putting an ad for a job in the local newspaper, you need to also place an ad in every local newspaper in the country, even the most remote, just in case there's someone there who would want to move.

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