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So, this is... wait, what is it?

As far as I can tell, this is a version of the internet where everyone has to hold a bunch of data that no one needs because what if it dies? It can be annoying to get a broken link because someone's host has gone down, but it might be even more annoying to have to store a bunch of garbage that was posted at one point but has no purpose anymore. For example, could I use this as free storage for my encrypted backups, just by splitting them up and uploading them? How does the IPFS network feel about keeping that around so I can retrieve it by smaller and easier to store hashes?

Another problem is the hashes themselves. It's wonderful that they can make it impossible/somewhat difficult to replace data, but that is what normal hashes already do. I somehow need to get my hands on all the hashes I need, and it's not that hard to put in some documents that look like what I want, but contain sneaky tracking code and incorrect hashes to other files, then ensure I get the wrong one. The lack of a secure way to indicate locations means that the secure delivery once a hash is entered is a lot less valuable than it sounds.

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