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This is what to do

If you are (still) an EU citizen, contact the Commission *and* the MEPs of your choice (they don't have to be from your own country) and let them know what you think. It takes just as long as venting your anger here and is rather more useful.

I recommend reading the proposed amendments first if you have time, there are quite a few gems in there. Example (emphasis mine):

Where a domain name is considered by a court of a Member State to be defamatory, racist or contrary to public policy, it shall be blocked by the Registry upon notification of a court decision.

Contrary to public policy means that,,, are all liable to blocking as they are contrary to public policy in at least one EU country. This is a major WTF.

There are also a number of anti red tape laws in the EU that this amendment is trying to wipe its arse with.

Finally, it's just as good a registry policy to present .EU as the domain where everyone can express himself freely and securely no matter where they are in the world, as it is to present it as anything else, so why take the hard road?

Anyway, get writing.

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