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DNS hierarchy

"If someone wants a .de domain, it's because they are invested in reaching German internet users; likewise .uk and the United Kingdom."

Back in the day when the internet TLD namespaces actually meant something, a .de domain would mean that the owner was a Germany-based enitity, as opposed to .com which would either be a global corporate or some other entity for which location didn't any particular meaning.

(I know the Americans think that ".com" meant a US website, but that's what was for)

Similarly, .com mean the entity was a company, .org a non-profit, .net an internet administrative entity such as an ISP, etc.

By about the mid-2000's, all of these conventions seem to be have been thrown out the window, so TLD suffixes have become more and more irrelevent. Case in point, the .word absurdity which pretty much destroyed the last of the credibility of TLDs.

Baggsy the ".foo" TLD when it becomes available please!

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