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Re: Again.. How many people turn their machine off?

Wake on LAN is a BIOS setting actually. I turn mine off on my desktop and All-in-1. I neglected to turn it off once and got awakened by a system update so now it's the first setting I change on the power management page in the BIOS.

I can see this being useful if the PC is in a corporate environment and the IT department pushes out system updates across the LAN, or needs to turn on servers remotely after a power down, but for genera home use it's not necessary.

Good luck to the people that take my All-in-1. They'll be dreadfully disappointed because all that's on that is Xodo PDF viewer and PDFs of sheet music. It beats turning pages while playing the piano!

My desktop gets turned off daily. It takes a less than 30 secs to boot, and few seconds to reload a browser after logging in. The browser I use, Opera, can be configured to reload last pages and tabs anyway so that's no biggy.

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