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Meh, there was a time that I'd have been deeply offended by that sort of comment, but actually I'm now at the stage where I too am sick of PC culture, and that's coming from a proud socialist who believes in equality above all.

I think I'd have used the "Stasi" analogy rather than "Gulag", though, which makes more sense. Or better yet, "thought crime". There comes a point where the pursuit of fairness actually crosses the line and becomes, ironically, unfair, due to overcompensation. And PC culture today is unquestionably overzealous, in my opinion. But it's difficult to be too critical of something that was initially justified and started out with good intentions.

It sorely needs to be tempered with some common sense, though. The fact is that we absolutely need the explosive Linus Torvalds' and Gordon Ramsay's of this world, without whom we'd be a much poorer society, in the important cultural sense. You need to balance equality against mediocrity, or else the whole point of equality becomes meaningless.

I guess I'm just becoming more centrist and less socialist in my old age. I suppose it's the inevitable consequence of hindsight.

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