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@Snow Wombat,

What's your problem with the rainbow-haired crowd? You won't believe how many rainbow-haired people are excellent and vital contributors to the open source community. And judging people on their hair-colour choice is just... hairist. And why are you so hung up on pronouns? If you want to be known as 'he', fine, or as a 'she', fine... don't apply your binary choices on others who would prefer to be referred to as 'they', or 'it'. Open Source has for a long time been "Live and let live", as long as your code contributes something positive and complies with the rules of the community that you're contributing to. How has it changed?

As for Linus, it's just about time he realised that he cannot go on like that. If he steps back and takes a breather, then that can only make Linux better. Being a control freak is exhausting... and it's clearly taken a toll.

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