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"Being told that we have to buy something is anathema"

You ever heard of taxation?

You pay an amount of taxes, decided upon by someone else, democratically elected. Some of those taxes go into a defence budget that is then used to maintain a military to keep all Americans safe from things that might harm them.

Try replacing the words "Defence" and "Military" with the words "Healthcare" and "Medical service".

Or do you think that being forced to pay for a military that may never defend you is a similar waste of your money? After all, some of that defence may be used to defend people who can't afford to defend themselves, and you're clearly being forced to pay for that. Perhaps the defence budget should be scrapped and every American should decide what level of defence they want for themselves, then source it and finance it independently, and if someone can't afford it then that's their problem. You'll only defend yourself if and when someone attacks your country, right?

Perhaps education should be the same? Or civil infrastructure?

Your argument doesn't hold water.

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