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>>First off, a LOT of those jobs are set to be automated away.

>Some. Others not. One of the problems with automating low paid jobs is that you spend money up-front to make savings which, by definition, must be small.

Tech is getting cheaper all the time. Secondly a bot can work 24/7 (168 hours a week) while humans are about 40 hours a week, and occasionally get ill, requiring even more manpower to keep a backup plan. Burger flippers are in a low paid jobs but even they are about to be automated away.

Perhaps it is just because I have seen my entire profession pulverized twice that I cannot share your rosy red view of the future.

>>Secondly, isn't anyone concerned that "youth these days" [*] do not want to get their hands dirty?"

Seems that one angered quite a few. Too bad that never helped Spain. Once you go down it will take you centuries to crawl up again.

>Once the economy can't afford to pay out as much in benefits they may find out that they're not given the option; come October they get sent to pick spuds, in January daffs etc.

Produce harvesting are even more automated, more so now that we had the hygiene issues in berries recently. So no, farmers will be happier with full automation.

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