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Their advice was, if a computer gets compromised and it has UEFI, shred it. Don't bother trying to do a clean install, because you can never be 100% sure they haven't slipped something into the UEFI. You can't just throw out the old drives and put new ones in any more. Likewise, even updating the UEFI isn't a 100% guarantee.

Understanding the UEFI system, it's simple enough to reset to factory defaults, flash the BIOS to factory as well and wipe the hard drive. Have yet to have a system retain nastiness once I got my mitts on it.

The script deletes all partitions, creates a single full drive partition, formats it, deletes that partition, resets BIOS to factory defaults, flashes the BIOS, resets it again, then creates new partitions, copies base files, reboots and does hash testing on the files, then goes on for installation.

Even the NSA was impressed.

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