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"It's long since become pretty clear that the principal reason for a (tiny) majority¹ Leave vote"

Bearing in mind that the _real_ reason for the media blitz in favour of brexit was the impending introduction of tax laws which would effectively make tax havens illegal and badly affect the owners of said media, along with their chums:

It was one party's infighting that triggered it, one party's infighting that ended up with the results, one party's infighting which has made the last 18 months at Westminster look like an extended Keystone Kops screening and one party's infighting which is preventing anything meaningful being done in either direction (either making it an effective brexit or scrapping the whole deal as unworkable)

The legality of the referendum campaigns is about to go before the courts, with an argument that the entire thing be annulled due to the illegal activities of certain campaign groups. Which would put Cruella DeVille in an awkward position of having called article 50 without a mandate after all.

We live in interesting times and I suspect that if things carry on as they are now, cancelling brexit won't matter much as all the important industries will have already bailed out of the UK, along with an increasing number of skilled workers - 1970s style. How long will it take before you're restricted to carrying out a maximum of £50 when leaving the country?

How long before Poles and Romanians are complaining about the influx of British economic migrants taking their jobs? Think it won't happen? Look at migration stats when the UK economy was well and truely tanked, before the EEC lifted its arse out of a sling.

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