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"Deal or no deal - they can't decide in a unified way, which they truly want"

This was always going to be the case. There could never be a deal that would keep a majority of the Government, Parliament or the Electorate (on both sides) happy. I feel that this is what the remain side are expecting to happen if there is a public vote on the resultant deal.

If you quantify the likely factions you have:

Those who want to remain in the EU.

Those who want to leave under any circumstance, and would sever ties tomorrow if they could.

Those who want to leave because of immigration, but want to keep the reminder of the EU advantages.

Those who are ambivalent about immigration, but want to get rid of some of the EU regulations.

Those who want to leave to enable the UK to trade better with the rest of the world.

Those who want to leave because the direction of the EU is towards a federal state, which they don't want (this is my position).

Now. take any combination of these, and see whether you can get a majority. Tricky, isn't it.

If there is a referendum on a deal, any deal, it will be voted down. This is why the PM will resist a further vote (even in parliament), because she will lose. The remain camp hope that this will mean that we will stay in! But it is more likely that we will leave on WTO rules, with the hardest of Brexits, and no transitional period.

The Government have an impossible task, which is why they cannot come to an agreement. It's not (all) their fault!

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