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Yup. I think they ended up using a car battery as a power source in the end because the size of the "bubble" turned out to be dependent on input voltage.

Interestingly it was said a few years back that someone vanished in mysterious circumstances after building and testing a device they found the plans for in an ancient handwritten folder in a library round here. The story told of a strange high pitched whining noise and a lot of radio/TV interference followed by random windows cracking for miles around. The authorities turned up and found "something strange" in an abandoned greenhouse roughly central to the effect and thats the last we heard of it at least officially because it all got hushed up.

Perhaps the movie was based on elements of real life incidents?

My own experiments suggest that there may be ways to generate a field but not using a car battery, you'd need a reliable source of positrons and a containment field with about the same strength as a medical MR scanner most likely using superconducting coils plus a few other parts you "can't just buy at Radio Shack"... and some LN2 or at the very least dry ice/NPS assuming the coils can be made to superconduct at more than 221K somehow or perhaps using tuned IR lasers aimed at the coils to keep them superconducting with only moderate cooling?

Liquid helium is... problematical.

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