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"... Maybe adding to the 800,000 who've already signed this petition to hold one will help. "

Short answer: No it will not !!!

But it may weaken any pretense of having a democracy in the UK.

Our country is not run by random voting for petitions that are created by 'Voters that did not get their own way'.

Where do we stop ?

Who decides whether the result of 'this' petition is OK or do we allow yet another group to start another petition because 'they' do not like the result ...... rinse & repeat ad nauseum.

The real issue is the absolute fiasco that our so called negotiations is turning out to be.

Vote remain could have not done a better job of screwing up the job ..... 'deliberately' to gain their own way !!!

A new vote will NOT settle this as the it will simply 'swap' the group that is aggreived* and we will get as close as possible to a real revolt, with people in the streets. If you cannot see this you are too blinkered by your own selfish need to get what you want and beggar the rest !!!

*Considering that a petition is not a legal way to change the result, as our laws stand, it is a very appropriate word to use.

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