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Unfortunately we tried, and failed at every turn

Anonymous because I still have a job and want to keep it for a while.

If you've never worked there, on the inside, it's hard to comprehend.

Its full of job justifiers, desparate to appear like they are doing something. Building little enclaves and empires, expanding remits, etc. It's like a large conglomerate or multinational, only 100x worse.

Plus all the paid lobbyists giving away free meals (star of restaurant and meal time defining how important you are), peddling influence in a huge circle jerk.

Then the factions and ideologies get in the way. Federalists are winning at the moment, brexit vote saw them slow down a bit, but the destination is fixed - the route, the vehicle, navigator and driver may change; but not the destination.

It can't be changed from the inside any more than it can be changed from the outside, it's a fairy tale. An appealing one, but not it's not real.

Things like this, and the copyright Directive (see also cookie law), and plenty of other things that go mostly unreported, all undermine citizens confidence (and rightly so). But you can't vote civil servants out, and they control the whole thing. Sir Humphry would be proud of how they adopted his world view.

For all the good things that happen, and plenty do, dealing with sh*t like this is a daily grind. It never goes away, you divert it, delay it, but it always comes back, and you only need to miss it once and it gets through.

You want to remain, OK, me too I'd be better off. But don't lie to yourself that things can be changed from the inside, they can't. The best you can hope for is too slow it down - and brexit has done more for that than years of playing the game ever has.

The future is the undiscovered country, and we will all live in interesting times.

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