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"1) It was so close that the vote was meaningless"

13/25 of the people who voted chose to Leave.

That's in the statistical noise band for these things. For the biggest change in the UK's relationship to the rest of the world since the Suez Crisis (when it officially became America's b**ch).

I wonder how many would have voted Remain but thought "Only a bunch of f**k witted numpties would fall for this bul**hit. I've got better things to do than vote," underestimating how desperate the nutters and chancers who wanted Brexit were going to be.

CMD made the pass level cretiniously stupid, presumably thinking his cunning plan had worked well with the Scottish Referendum, ignoring Scotland has been part of a United Kingdom for 400 years, not 40 years.I note the Scottish referendum allowed nearly everyone who lived there (and would live with the consequences) to vote.

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