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"and farmers who thought it would cut down on the paperwork!"

Our local BBC news covered the farmers intentions on Brexit quite extensively and almost without exception, they were all voting leave for $reasons. Once the vote was in and the true ramifications were starting to become clear, those same farmers being interviewed in post-vote reports all seemed to think Brexit would be a disaster. And some of them really were the same people. People I recognised. It wasn't a BBC plot as some people would try to have us believe!

I think what a lot of hard line leavers don't seem to realise is that of those who voted remain, they all voted in unison for the same thing. The status quo. Those who voted leave voted for many different reasons and I'd be prepared to stump up cash to bet that most leavers expected some sort of orderly withdrawal and some kind of deal or treaty or something. Only a hard core minority want a hard. cliff-edge exit and as that become more likely, more and more leavers are getting cold-feet over the issue.

Months ago, when the topic came up, in discussions I'd say it was about 50:50 leave:remain. More recently, fewer people seem to want to admit to voting leave.

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