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>And anyone hoping for that is going to find themselves sorely misled or working in a crap low-paid job which those foreigners used to be doing.

First off, a LOT of those jobs are set to be automated away. Secondly, isn't anyone concerned that "youth these days" [*] do not want to get their hands dirty? And expect foreigners to do all their bidding? Anyone who has read a little history will remember what happened to Spain after Columbus started the American wealth transfer to Spain. Briefly, vast amounts of value poured in, people did not want to work, all jobs went to French and German, building up their countries based on WORK. The situation was worse than the North Sea oil flow, and resulted in a financial disaster worse than Dutch Disease, and according to financial historians, led to the financial difficulties we see in Spain today, more than 400, yes, four hundred, years later.

[*] I hear this is mostly a Gen Y / Millennial issue and that Gen Z is very different. Probably a bit early to tell for sure. It is now 10 years since Lehman Brothers keeled over and the financial troubles are not over yet.

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