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Utter morons

Why the negativity about master/slave. Have these people ever discussed dom/sub culture? The two are utterly inseperable and care incredibly for each other's welfare, a loving bond that is far above what most people share. The name master/slave, dom/sub, top/bottom are simply words for those who delight in the roles they feel most safe in. Master is nothing without their slave, the slave gives the master their power over the slave. The slave can remove that power in an instant if they feel it's being abused.

Let's not even get into such things as IDE settings master/slave drives and heaven knows how many other IT tech items rely on the terms master ( controller ) and slaves ( actors who carry out instructions ).

These idiots hear master/slave and all their narrow minded little brains can think of is the horrendous period of American history where the terms master/slave had utterly adhorrent meanings.

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