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Re: They should ask Torvalds to rename git.

"male dominance over a female partner!!"

yeah and with all of the BDSM references for master/slave LAST time around...

I still think Tori and Uke would get past the radar. They're Judo terms. Judo. 'Tori' literally means 'bird' and is the person doing the throw (also according to the web page from the verb 'toru' which has a meaning of take or pick up or choose - but if you've ever had a bird steal your food, it makes sense). 'Uke' means 'receiver' more or less and is the person being thrown.

any OTHER connotation, political or sexual, was (*cough*) accidental.

/me thinks "at least I didn't say 'tops' and 'bottoms' - no, wait..."

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