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"There's a huge email thread where I work of people who find it offensive."

As offensive as this (quote from Antirez)?

"After it was clear that I was not interested in his argument, Mark accused me of being fascist. Now I’m Italian, and incidentally my grand grand father was put in jail for years by fascists because he was communist and was against the regime. He was released to die in a couple of months at home. The father of my mother instead went in the north of Italy for II World War, and was able to escape from the Nazis for a miracle. Stayed 5 years as a refugee, and eventually returned home to become the father of my mother. Mark do not care about the terminology he uses against other people, if the matter at hand is to make sure people that may potentially feel offended will not."

Quite frankly the behaviour ascribed to 'Mark' in the above paragraph disgusts me, but it is all too common.

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