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Hmmm - two things I hear a lot from Remainers.....

1) It was so close that the vote was meaningless

2) non-England are massive Remainers really.

Mathematically, those can’t both be true. If #2, then England must have been massively Brexit to make up the numbers.

It wasn’t of course, so #2 is just rubbish.

The problem for all of us, in either direction, is the echo chamber. We all think that the others are just a minority of idiots. They aren’t.

Poster is guilty of a third error though “people who disagree with me, would agree with me if they knew the One True Way. So, I will add the numbers of the other side to mine. Obviously, none of My Tribe will have switched allegiance in the interim, because by definition they are Intelligent, and would never vote as Idiots.”

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