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Hit the nail on that one.

It does appear that people who voted leave (trolls aside) don't and won't see any of the negatives that are coming out as fact, they insist it was a majority vote (with 72% turn out the vote was nearer 36%, 34% in favour.) they insist it will be better (despite Liam Fox, Rhys Mogg and even Boris saying its not going to be great) and seem to ignore all the issues around companies leaving, massive staff shortages in areas like farming and the NHS as something that a mystical british work force will appear to fix.

But a couple of good demographic charts show most of the voters to leave were old, most of the people to remain were young. So old people voted for something that will have be lived with and picked up by the next generation who didn't want it. What a selfish bunch the "leave" people are.

It is like a religious path to oblivion for them... Very much like Trump supporters.

... And remember, Africa is our salvation. 49 nations from the bottom end of the world economy will save us. With yet to appear trade deals to replace the global power houses.

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