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"Only if you work in a tiny specialisted field.

If you are one of the 99% who's job has nothing to do with the space industry, then who cares?

Effect on the UK economy: insignificantly small and unmeasurable."

Unmeasurable maybe, insignificant definitely not.

Space science is one of those flagships industries which governments spend a lot of money trying to attract. Not only on do they directly employ people in high margin industries and indirectly through suppliers, but spin off industries and expertise gained are immeasurable important, especially in developed economies.

In fact it is so important the government have already committed £100 mill of UK tax funds, just to see if they can justify spending £4-5 bill to keep the industry going.

On the other hand, maybe the British economy will be based in the future on tax havens, zero hour contracts warehouses, strawberry picking. So maybe on that basis your right, it doesn't matter at all

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