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I shut down. It takes about minute to boot Linux. My old (2002) XP laptop boots in under a minute, or did last year (converting some PSP7 to photoshop format for The Gimp). Making a cuppa or even fetching chilled fizzy water takes longer than a cold boot even with mechanical HDD. Unless you have an "out of the box" Windows with every service on and a load of nonsense autorunning in Startup etc. I've pared a Win7 boot on HDD from 2min 45sec to 20 sec.

I also unplug all chargers overnight. One of the highest fire risks. I can easily recharge any of my gadgets between early evening and bedtime.

Linux CAN start off (and to a limited extent, Windows) where you were from a cold boot. I decided over 10 years ago that this was a bad idea. I can easily get back the documents, web pages and emails I was looking at. All those programs store state on exit (or periodically in case of a crash). Notepad++ on WINE on Linux opens all the documents. If you use native format instead of MS, the LibreOffice remembers your location.

Use case for hibernation is when running out of battery suddenly and no time to save. Sleep MAYBE to carry from desk to desk?

Sleep has always been insecure and also unreliable for peripherals, esp WiFi.

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