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Disney again

Disney disabled viewing purchased content during at least one holiday season so families would have to watch the movies on the Disney Channel with all of the commercials.

I'm pretty sure I have Fantasia on laser disc. A bulky format, but no DRM.

I'm happy to purchase audiobooks for download, but not from Amazon/Audible. It's a bad deal for authors and a rip off for consumers. I don't always agree with Cory Doctorow, but I love that his stuff is DRM free and he even gives some of it away. I can't always buy right away, but I do buy Cory's books when I have the money so he keeps writing. I buy cd's directly from artists/bands when they sell them at their shows. I often get the bonus of having them signed and they get to keep a larger portion (or a portion at all) from the sale.

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