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Security vs. convenience

It's possible to devise a chip that can fry it's own circuits - say if the wrong passcode is entered (or entered twice ...)

The reason such chips haven't been developed is because despite offering Hollywood-blockbuster levels of security, the first time one ACTUALLY fried itself, and some moronic user puts on their Daily Mail sadface with a headline about how they "lost" £1,500 simply because the entered the wrong passcode (or their darling brat did) and it's game over. So no point in spending a kings ransom on the R&D only to be told that HP/Dell can't sell a machine with such a feature.

Those with long enough memories might recall the "scandal" in the 80s of the pisspoor security around cars - bent twig and you're in. After taking repeated pastings, the manufacturers delivered some pretty good security. Of course the first headline was "man stung for £1,500 after losing his key". Security vs. convenience. Guess which won ??????

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