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UK networks have 'no plans' to bring roaming fees back after Brexit

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Anonymous Coward

That’s the point! None of the actual Brexiteers would get involved in a position of authority as then they’d have no scapegoat when they don’t “hard brexit”.

Let someone else agree to the inevitable deal, then blame them for everything and say you’d never have agreed to such a plan. From there it’s an easy step to use that platform to elevate yourself to power.... at which point your “hands will be tied” and you’ll just do the best you can with the status quo.

If Boris *actually* cared about Brexit he’d be in there putting his name on a plan he argued for and proposed. In fact, wouldn’t the Brexiteers have had a plan for Brexit to begin with if they actually intended it to happen???

You can’t blame the remain vote for the complete lack of Brexit plan by the people who proposed it.

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